Best selling smartphone in india – Top 6

Sony Xperia P

If you were planning to buy a smartphone, then you are right place for compaire Best selling smartphone in india – Top 6. Moreover, those few handsets too were not really worthy of the tag ‘smartphone’.

Micromax A110 Canvas 2 (Rs. 10,000/-)

Micromax A110 Canvas 2

Micromax A110 Canvas 2

Unfortunately, you aren’t going to get a good camera-phone in this range. Among the better ones is the Micromax A110 Canvas 2 (Rs 10,000). Its images are adequately detailed and allow for good colours in bright environments, but low light output tends to be grainy, almost unusable.

Discover life like clarity on a 12.5 cm multi-touch screen with a 16.8 million color display! With a super sleek design, the screen colors your world with its vibrant picture that adds a whole new dimension of visual appeal to your Micromax A110! Explore amazingly rich visual clarity with the FWVGA IPS LCD screen on a 480×854 pixel resolution

Specifications :

Screen Size : 12.7 cms

OS Name : Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Processor : 1 GHz Dual Core

Camera Resolution : 8 MP

Front Camera : 0.3

Battery Capacity : 2000 mAh

Connectivity Options : 3G , Bluetooth 3.0 , wifi , USB 2.0 Read more

Indian Wedding Jeweller – Bridal Jewelry

Bridal jewelry latest gold sets designs

India has great tradition of wedding jewelry and Bridal Jewelry. Made

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of superior metals and excellent quality, jewelry accentuates the beauty of bride in multiples. Though these days silver and platinum jewelry is gaining popularity, gold jewelry still holds the most popularity among Indians. Read more

Antique Jewelry – Estate Jewelry

Antique Metal Jewelry Box

The jewelry which is not in mainstream production and of which the mode of production is no longer popular is known by the name of ‘Antique Jewelry.’ This kind of jewelry has dull and rough look, combined with an old world-world charm, and this serves as the major USP of such jewelry.

Antique jewelry is very rare and handmade. Often

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featuring nature-inspired designs such as leaves and birds and frequently includes precious stones.

Read more

Gayatri Mantra – highly revered mantra of the Vedic tradition

Gayatri Mantra

The Gāyatrī Mantra is a highly revered mantra of the Vedic tradition. Just like all the Vedic Mantras Gayatri Mantra is considered not to have an author and like all other mantras is believed to have been revealed to a Brahmarshi, in this case Brahmarshi Vishvamitra. This is a Vedic Sanskrit verse from a hymn of the Rigveda (3.62.10).Gayatri is the name of the Gayatri meter in which the verse/hymn runs. The most interesting aspect of the mantra is that the mantra is considered to be not different from the divine entity that forms the content of the mantra. Thus name of the divine entity contained in the mantra is also called Gayatri. In other words, Gayatri mantra is not just a means of worship but is an object of worship by itself. The word ‘Gayatri’ is used in reference to the Gayatri mantra as an object of worship apart from being used as a reference to the divine entity described in the mantra. It is in this sense of Gayatri Mantra as an object of worship that the Mantra is personified into a goddes. Read more

Shri Brahmachaitanya

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Pravachane in Marathi

Mercury found in 44% of fairness creams in India, says CSE study

Mercury found in of fairness creams in India

Toxic metal mercury, which is not allowed to be used in cosmetics in India, is found in 44 per cent of the fairness creams in India, a study by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has found. It also found chromium and nickel in around fifty per cent of the lipstick samples it tested.

The CSE’s Pollution Monitoring Lab (PML), which did the study, says use of mercury in cosmetics is prohibited in India. But PML found mercury in 44 per cent of the fairness creams it tested. It also found chromium in 50 per cent and nickel in 43 per cent of the lipstick samples which were tested. Read more

Discourses by Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar Pravachane Book

Discourses by Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar Pravachane

Learned persons delivering discourses on spiritual matters are quite popular in
Maharashtra. There are three types among them. The first type consists of liberated
souls or persons who have attained self-realization; the second consists of seekers,
studying the spiritual sciences on their path to attain self-realization and the third
includes professionals in

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this field. Shri Maharaj belonged to the first type. These
discourses have been delivered by Shri Maharaj for the benefit of those who were
keen to lead a spiritually rich life, full of internal happiness and contentment,
therein explaining what is a spiritually rich life and simple ways of attaining the

Download PDF Discourses by Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar Pravachane in English


Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar Pravachane in EnglishRead Online

Shri Brahmachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj Pravachane in Marathi

Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar Pravachane in marathi

सद्‍गुरूंच्या आज्ञेप्रमाणे श्रीमहाराजांनी हजारों लोकांना रामभक्तीला लावलें. त्यांचे शिष्य-प्रशिष्य विशेषतः मध्यमवर्गीय असून ते महाराष्ट्र व कर्नाटकांत बहुसंख्य असून उत्तर हिंदुस्थानांतही आहेत. त्यांनी आपल्या घरीं आणि इतरत्र अनेक ठिकाणीं श्रीराममंदिरांची स्थापना करून उपासनेची केंद्रें निर्माण केली.

त्यांनी असंख्य लोकांना व्यसनें, दुराचरण, दुरभिमान, संसारचिंता यांपासून सोडविले. कौटुंबिक कलह मिटवून अनेकांचे संसार सुखाचे केले. यासाठी त्यांनी व्यक्तिगत उपदेश, प्रवचनें व भजनकीर्तनें यांचा उपयोग केला. त्यांचा लोकसंग्रह फार मोठा होता. त्यांनी गोरगरीबांना आधार दिला. दुष्काळग्रस्तांना काम पुरवून अन्न दिले. गोरक्षण, अन्नदान, भावी काळांत मार्गदर्शक ठरतील असे उद्योग, वैदिक अनुष्ठानें,

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नामजप, भजनसप्ताह, तीर्थयात्रा करून प्रापंचिकांना परमार्थाला लावलें. आधुनिक सुशिक्षितांमधील अश्रद्धा घालवून त्यांच्यामध्येंही धर्माबद्दल व भक्तीबद्दल आदर उत्पन्न केला. अशा रीतीनें लोकांमध्यें धर्मजागृति केली. नामस्मरण हें सर्वश्रेष्ठ साधन आहे असें त्यांनी कळकळीनें व बुद्धीला पटेल अशा रीतीनें सांगितलें. वासनारहित झालेल्या त्यांच्याकडून अनेक चमत्कार घडले हें जरी खरें, तथापि पापी लोकांना त्यांनी सन्मार्गाला लावलें हा त्यांचा सर्वांत मोठा चमत्कार म्हणतां येईल. लोकांना नामस्मरणाच्या मार्गाला लावून प्रपंच व परमार्थ यांचे मधुर मीलन कसें करावें हें शिकविण्यासाठीं त्यांनी आमरण खटाटोप केला, आणि मार्गशीर्ष वद्य दशमी शके १८३५ (२२ डिसेंबर १९१३) या दिवशीं गोंदवलें मुक्कामी त्यांनी देह ठेवला.

Read OnlineRead online Shri Brahmachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj Pravachane in Marathi


Download PDF

Shri Brahmachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj Pravachane in Marathi

Work, Women and Caregiving

Trying to hold onto a job while caring for a family member is a tough juggling act. Caregivers sometimes have to arrive late or leave early, cut back to part-time work, and decline travel or promotions.

For women, these competing responsibilities may prove particularly perilous, a study recently published in the Journal of Applied Gerontology suggests. Women who are caregivers are also significantly less likely to be in the labor force, compared to women who are not

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caregivers. Yet for men, caregiving has no impact on employment status. Read more

Mothers Exercise during pregnancy May Boost Baby’s Brain

Mother’s Exercise May Boost Baby’s Brain

If a woman is physically active during pregnancy, she may boost the development of her unborn child’s brain, according to a heart-tugging new study of expectant mothers and their newborns. The findings bolster a growing scientific consensus that the benefits of exercise can begin to accumulate even before someone is born, means Mothers Exercise during pregnancy May Boost Baby’s Brain

It has long been suspected that a mother-to-be’s activity — or lack of it — affects her unborn offspring, which is not surprising, given how their physiologies intertwine. Past studies have shown, for example, that a baby’s heart rate typically rises in unison with his or her exercising mother’s, as if the child were also working out. As a result, scientists believe, babies born to active mothers tend to have more robust cardiovascular systems from an early age than babies born to mothers who are more sedentary. Read more

American Best Clothing Brands/Stores

Best Clothing Brands

American best Clothing Brands in 2013.

America is still producing great clothing brands

Abercrombie and Fitch

Abercrombie-and-Fitch-logoFor over 100 years they have dedicated to designing and producing the highest quality All-American clothing. However, as they continue to create the coolest clothes, counterfeiters are making cheap knockoffs that are often mistaken for the real deal

Read more

Nests built for humans

Porky Hefer nests maker in South Africa

Nests built for humans are having

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a moment.


Read more

Google balloon – Google launches Internet-beaming balloons in New Zealand

Google launches Internet-beaming balloons in New Zealand

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand – Wrinkled and skinny at first, the translucent, jellyfish-shaped balloons that Google released this week from a frozen field in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island hardened into shiny pumpkins as they rose into the blue winter skies above Lake Tekapo, passing the first big test of a lofty goal to get the entire planet online.

It was the culmination of 18 months’ work on what Google calls Project Loon, in recognition of how wacky the idea may sound. Developed in the secretive X lab that came up with a driverless car and web-surfing eyeglasses, the flimsy helium-filled inflatables beam the Internet down to earth as they sail past on the wind. Read more